Beautiful 1 5/8 in Sterling Silver Wide Oval Style Hoop Earrings

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Satisfy your craving for grand style without the high cost, with these gorgeous sterling silver oval hoop earrings! Radiant with a reflective shine, these 5.8mm wide oval hoops will be sure to attract admiring glances with their impressive 1 5/8 inch size - plus their light weight enough for all day wear, seamlessly integrating into any fashion look!

 Jewelry Detail

  • Product Type - Jewelry > Fine > Silver > Earrings > Hoop
  • Fashion Style - Womens
  • Base Metal and Materials - Sterling Silver
  • Size - 1 5/8 in x 5.8 mm 
  • Condition - Pre-owned, Minor Wear w/ one noted flea bite on edge, (5th photo hoop on right) this does not hinder the beauty in any way I just had to note.
  • Weight - 5.6g
  • Designer - JCM

Please excuse the poor quality photos and reflections. I had to put them on a different surface so they dont look as washed out as my camera does not do well with shiny! lol


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