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Estate Jewelry 

 Blingschlingers Jewelry carries vintage to modern pre-owned jewelry and is usually in, as found condition. I clean & inspect the jewelry for damage & metal content before posting in the shop. The Estate jewelry can be from private citizens around the world to other businesses overstock, & can have very little wear w/ micro scuffing, like new, minor wear, mild, moderate wear, or evidence as a daily wear, to very heavy wear. 

The items posted in the shop will have no damage that will prevent the normal wearing of the piece. If an item is posted that needs fixing or very heavy wear I will state as such, and list as scrap or place it in the "Perfectly Imperfect" section at an even deeper discounted price. 

  Please keep in mind that unlike costume jewelry, all solid gold & silver jewelry can be buffed out to look new again or even re rhodiumed if necessary by your local jeweler for a low fee. (yes plating is also found on some solid gold jewelry)

Just think of all the money spent on costume jewelry and just throw it away when looking not so pretty anymore. Its a waste. But you can make up for the loss here, since most of the prices for the Silver & Gold Jewelry at Blingschlingers are lower than department stores costume jewelry prices!😮🤩 

  Be rest assured I will always state if an item is heavily worn, or well loved🥰  

Also, before jewelry is posted, all items have been properly tested for precious metal content. We do NOT test just the surface where most anti tarnish plating layers, rhodium, platinum, gold, or other plating can test false positive results for precious metals.. 

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I do take returns on all of my items.

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  MM. - is common in measuring gemstones and jewelry. Please make sure your measuring device has mm on it. (not to be confused with 16th or 8th) not all rulers with the small notches are mm :) 

  Necklaces & Chain Bracelets -  I always give a wearing length of most chains, not the overall length unless stated.

  Please keep in mind, if you get lets say a 16" necklace that is wide, or thick it will not wear as a 16 inch since the width takes away from inner diameter. That goes for bracelets too. You may contact me to find inner diameter of an item if necessary to double check

Wide Rings - I always state the size it will wear as a Wide ring. Most of us forget that we need to go up a little bit to compensate for a wide ring. 

Check Ring Sizing, it is important to check your ring size more than once which applies to both a simple home check or even a proper sizing in-store with a jeweler (recommended). Your fingers will swell in warmer weather and vice-versa in cold weather. And Yes, Your Diet, if you consume high salt it will also swell the fingers. 

  Checking the ring size at different times is particularly important for wedding and engagement rings as they will be worn everyday for a long period of time. Check your size on a cold day and again on a warmer day, before and after an intense workout would probably do too :)

  Checking two or three times is not going too far because getting it right the first time could save you time, frustration and money on potentially expensive resizing.


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