Connoisseurs Jewelry Polishing Cloth for Silver or Gold 11" x 14" Full Size " Pink"

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A Heads Up, Only 3 Left To Get 😀

UltraSoft® Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth is for polishing and keeping silver or gold jewelry clean. A convenient 2-step silver cleaning system makes it easier to remove tarnish & helps to prevent further tarnish buildup.

Step 1: Gently rub your silver or gold jewelry with the inner white UltaSoft cloth to remove dirt and tarnish. While cleaning, the exclusive anti-tarnish shield is applied to help reduce future tarnish build-up.
Step 2: The outer pink UltraSoft cloth buffs and polishes to bring out the high luster in your silver jewelry.

Also excellent for polishing watches.

Connoisseurs UltraSoft polishing cloths are made with 100% cotton fiber, a renewable resource.
Full Size – 11” x 14”

  Blingschlingers trying to keep it Green ♻

I needed a way to help the environment in some way in order for me to carry this well known polishing cloth.

With the help of the Connoisseurs staff they were kind enough to let me supply their UltraSoft polishing cloth to you, #1 Without the red packing box & #2 Without the printed "Connoisseurs" logo on the cloth.

By requesting this,

  • it reduces need for trees
  • even reduces the recycling process for the cardboard to produce the box
  • reduces energy consuming production of inks, & reduces products used to make the ink
  • it reduces shipping weight & size which benefits all of us in cost, but ultimately saves on carbon footprint too.

This is a shortened list, of how requesting 2 things can greatly reduce a footprint.

I am happy to offer this product that I have used for many years, & feel good about keeping it as green as I can.





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