Womens 18k Gold Elephant Charm Dangle Earrings

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18k Gold Elephant Charm Dangle Earrings

  • Beautiful rich buttery 18k gold dangle earrings with trunk up style elephant charms that dangle freely by a half ball stud with well made secure friction backings. As an added bonus the post to these earrings are extra long for a more comfortable wear for those with thicker lobes.

Jewelry Detail

  • Fashion Style- Womens, Traditional, Animal Lover, Nature, Preservation
  • Base Metal & Materials- 18k Yellow Gold
  • Condition- Estate, Handcrafted, These could pass as new
  • Size- aprox. 3/4in x 5/8in ,post 13.5mm long
  • Weight- aprox 4.1g
  • Origin- Eastern
  • Note- These were handcrafted & a partial 18k stamp viewable due to contours, is on front rear of elephants. These were acid tested, I even tested the backings for karat content.



  • The meaning behind the elephant

The elephant with its trunk up has long symbolized Good Fortune, Money, Good Will and said to bring Authority along with reducing Negative Energy.

But besides all of that, some species of elephants are endangered or threatened due to humans taking their land & being hunted. So please take time to help these intelligent, uniquely beautiful animals by picking a charity that is dedicated to the protection of these fine creatures.

Thank you!! 💖









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