Oval Pendant w/ Earth Tone Granite Stone Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver Pendant w/ Granite Stone

Simple oval shape setting yet eye catching focal pendant w/ flattering earth tone shades of tan & browns. Unisex in style looks amazing on light or darker flesh tones & can be worn on a chain necklace or collar giving your style a new look.

& On a side note if you are in the profession of TV commercial props / photo advertising, even working in, selling or dealing in stone, tile or countertops, accessorizing w/ this pendant could show the potential client that you stand behind the stones you market. And gives more of an appeal. lol & they just may say " Ooo, do you have a countertop just like your pendant!?"  😉🙌🏽



Jewelry Detail

  • Style- Mens Womens, Simple Stone Pendant
  • Materials- Sterling Silver, Stone
  • Condition- Handcrafted, New Overstock w/ Minor Wear Due to Storing for Years
  • Size- 51.2mm x 22.5mm
  • Vintage- Approx 2012









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