80s Sterling Silver Ribbed Wing Design Earrings

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Vintage Large Ribbed Wing Design Earrings

  • Beautiful reflective finish on a flowing ribbed scalloped design, having a true left and right, you can wear either way that fits your style & accent your face beautifully.
  • The coverage and position of stud is good to hide ripped lobes as the stud is approx 6mm below top edge line
  • These earrings are a nice power piece to add to your jewelry wardrobe as they are great to wear on many occasions from business, parties or evenings out  

Jewelry Detail

  • Style- Womens Stud Earrings, Power Jewelry
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver
  • Condition- Preowned Normal Wear w/ Micro Surface Scuffing & One Earring Having a Few Dings. I had to note them but they do not hinder the beauty of the earrings one bit, the light & surface background reflections mask any type of imperfection unless your looking for it. If you love full lobe coverage earrings definitely dont let these noted conditions hinder your decision. Oh and I would recommend disc backings for more lobe support, but not necessary
  • Size- 32mm x 31mm
  • Weight- Approx 11.6g
  • Circa- Approx 80s




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