Sterling Silver Shimmery Riccio Link Magnetic Clasp Bangle Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Womens Bracelet 

  • The simplest bracelet to put on! Beautiful 10mm wide shimmery sterling silver bracelet with micro swirl etching and diamond cut riccio link chain that secures closed with a magnetic clasp. This clasp is plenty strong enough if concerned.
  • The only thing I just realized (because maybe I was trying it out 😅) is that you may want to be observant of what your wrist bumps up against... like in the kitchen... scissors, knives etc 😅 Because if you swipe close over something steel it will stick to ya. 🤣 Hehe and at your desk... maybe paperclips will follow you around. Lol dont let me scare ya. Its not that bad.
  • But I have to say this is by far the best for women or men, with arthritic or limited function of hands or fingers, or if you misplaced your glasses, you wont even need to see to put this one on.
  • Just lay it on your wrist and move one end towards the other, then boom, your good to go 🤩 And another thing is you can actually wear this bracelet on either side, which is a nice high polish mini bar design. Beautiful on both sides. Enjoy!

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Estate Jewelry Detail

  • Fashion Style- Womens Mens 
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, 2 Magnets
  • Condition- PreOwned, Estate, Normal Minor Wear with No Noted Damage
  • Size- 6 7/8in x 10.5mm approx
  • Weight- 27.8g approx
  • Origin- Italy
  • Brand / Designer- Milor












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