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Shop savvy with Pre-owned & New Overstock fashion jewelry! Deep discount priced vintage, modern & new overstock costume jewelry, in silver, gold, bronze, copper, acrylic & more. Find stacking rings, cuff bracelets, hoop earrings, chains, necklaces, dress pins brooches & more to choose from.

Costume Jewelry can be a great alternative

  • When traveling, as an accidental loss of a fine piece could be devastating & most of the time impossible to recover. Costume jewelry is a great alternative!
  • Another benefit is¬†if your not into wearing jewelry often, I recommend costume jewelry...its inexpensive so you can try new things without breaking the bank.
  • Oh & don't forget about the Teen Girls and the little girls that want to wear moms jewelry! Get her something cute in costume jewelry. Its inexpensive & looks more like moms jewelry, instead of what most¬†children's play jewelry looks like on the market today.
  • The best perk¬†about costume jewelry is that if you are in the public eye daily and have the need for new accessories often, you cant beat the savings with costume jewelry, especially if you only wear it once or twice because you need constant rotation,¬†so why buy new, how would they know ūüėČ

Thinking out of the jewelry box on the crafty side

Costume jewelry is also a neat thing to repurpose & craft into something new. You can even add some bling to scrap books & shadow boxes, encase stones in acrylic, make mosaics and more!


Its a nice benefit¬†to save¬†on¬†costume & fine jewelry, but the ultimate benefit is that by buying preowned, its recycling & being EcoFriendly thus helping the environmentūüėÉ‚ôĽ¬†


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