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Blingschlingers Jewelry main motivation is to rehome beautiful vintage to modern preowned jewelry. The reason for focusing on this, is that it helps the environment by keeping these great jewelry finds away from the "scrap" jewelry buyers, refining & manufacturing industry.

The result of reusing jewelry instead of scrapping it creates less demand for "NEW" jewelry, so ultimately manufactures will reduce their production. 

Every piece of estate jewelry helps by reducing the mining of gems, gold, silver & gasses, the energy & pollution from manufacturing new jewelry, reduces distribution emissions, reduces all energy & emissions from retailers to get that product to you.

There is so much more to list but this was just a small example of how buying preowned ANYTHING, can help the environment. 


By adopting a preloved piece of jewelry, you will save the environment from many harmful chemicals, gases, acids & toxic disposals.

Refining Gold Jewelry In Nitric Acid


And here is another risk, a SPILL! on top of the known disposal risk to environment.

 Nitric Acid Spill Into The Enviroment


 Plus Saving the Environment from major deforestation from mining of stones, precious gemstones, precious metals and gasses. Even to the energy consuming production and all steps between to get a NEW piece of jewelry to market. (And that is keeping it short! Very Short)

Deforestation For Mining Of Gold


Mining For Gold Is Ruining The Earth


So thank you for considering to shop preowned estate jewelry!


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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at sales@blingschlingers.com  :)


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