Collection: Gold Necklaces & Chains

Gold Chains & Necklaces

Adopt a preowned popular Gold link chain,Ā or Gold necklace. SomeĀ are beautifully adorned with gemstones, beads, charms or pendants. Designs from gold herringbone chains, mariner chains, rope, cuban, gold figaro, panther link chains, chokers, collars, lariats, layering chains, dainty gold chains, gold replacement pendant chains & more. Most of us loveĀ the rich golden buttery look of yellow goldĀ & white gold that compliments gemstones so well, it can be breathtaking.Ā Plus you will also enjoy the discount pricing within our small Jewelry Store Online šŸ˜ƒ

The stock is always rotating & usually only One of each, so if you like it, grab it while you can, there will not be another "in stock".Ā 

Rehoming Estate Gold Necklaces

Buying preowned is Eco Friendly & contributes to helpingĀ theĀ environment around us.Ā It keeps this gold jewelry away from scrap silver & gold buyers, as well as the entire refining to remanufacturingĀ processes, & from theĀ large companiesĀ getting it to you in the big box stores. These processesĀ create much pollution, is energy consuming, & damages the SMALL earth we live on.

Ā There is so much to making a piece of jewelry, just stop and think a minuteĀ ... start from where they start stripping the earth looking for gold, all the way to you bringing it home. So the more someone can buy secondhand, & im not just talking about jewelry,Ā it DOES make a difference.

I thank you forĀ choosing to shop green ā™»

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