Necklace Pendants in Sterling Silver or Gold

Find great jewelry deals on preowned pendants for women & men crafted in solid gold & sterling silver. These can be vintage to modern, even new unused overstock, from handcrafted to designer & inspired. Pendant styles range from solitaire, slide, enhancer, statement gemstone, diamond, cluster, multi tiered, birthstone & more

Take note, I rarely have multiples of an item, so when its gone its gone.

 Thank you for being eco friendly ♻

 Adopting a preloved pendant can lessen the demand for refining and remanufacturing of jewelry, saving the environment from mining of the earth, a plethora of harmful chemicals, oil & gas consuming production & all the energy & materials to get it to your big box or Brand stores. (that's keeping it short!)

      I hope You Enjoy The Unique Finds & Fantastic Deals 😃