Collection: Gold Rings

Gold Rings for Women & Men

  • Solid Gold Rings for women & men in a variety of styles & designs. The beautiful estate gold rings you find here can be handcrafted to designer, vintage to modern all in one place, at Blingschlingers. 
  • Keep in Mind Stock Is Limited To Usually One Per Design, I Seldom Get Duplicates, So Once Gone its Gone
 Finding new homes for these gold rings helps the environment by reducing the demand for "new" jewelry. The procedures to refine & manufacture are extremely harmful to our environment. From Mining For Gold & Gems, Extracting & Releasing Gasses, Creating & Disposing of Acids, to All The Steps in Manufacturing a New Piece of Jewelry & Getting it To a Local Store or Big Online Store. Plus So Much More Not Mentioned! 
So.., I want to thank you for considering to adopt a preloved piece of jewelry & shopping EcoFriendly ♻ 💞


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