Mickey Mouse Head Charm - Rustic Bronze, Zipper Pull Repair or Decorative, Add Disney Flair to Purses, Wristlets, Backpacks & More

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A Heads Up, Only 2 Available ūüė≤

A cute rustic bronze Mickey Mouse head charm that's not only fashionable but its nice size is easily gripped. Making it a perfect fix for a broken zipper that has lost its pull. Simply slide the locking ring through original zipper pull hole and snap close, or use as a delightful decorative charm, enhancing the look of your purse, backpack, lunchbox, keychain, shoes, or even to those partially exposed hard to grip throw pillow zippers.

Best of all, it creates a unique style & fitting into both men's and women's decorative themes being a playful not an overly done look. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can add a touch of Disney magic and make it shine! 

  Accessories Detail

  • Product Type - Multi Purpose Charm / Zipper Repair
  • Gender - Unisex
  • Base Metal & Materials - Metal, Color Coated¬†Rustic Bronze color * The color in several photos are off¬†due to light reflection and is more true to color in the group photo
  • Condition - New
  • Size - 1 3/8" x 7/8"

* some photos are examples of other colors available & not included. This is for one "Rustic Bronze" color mouse head accessory, as prices vary

 Example photos : 

  • The 3 photos using on a zipper - This shows how its slipped through the original zipper pull hole if you broke your original zipper pull. Some zippers break in half leaving it still attached. If that is the case, sometimes you can use a pair of nail clippers (old pair) or similar to snip the connecting bar to remove
  • One photo is showing how¬†using on a purse for added flair. For this fawn & dark brown bag I used the Rustic Bronze, it made it cute and not gaudy ūüėÉ and I love the slight industrial look to them.


These charms can embellish just about anything it can wrap around. The hinged clasps will arrive to you open, and to close you will need to push pretty hard inward & down at same time into the locked position.


Disney Micky Mouse Charm in Rustic Bronze

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