Loupe 30x - 21 mm Triplet

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $3.95
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A Heads Up, Only 4 Available 😲

This powerful, 30x triplet loupe is the perfect device to inspect small details- perfect for the jewelry industry and the jewelry buyer to take a closer look at gemstones and hallmarks. Easily held close to the eye and the object drawn up to the glass, this loupe also has a place to add a jumpring and chain if desired, making it even more convenient to use

Accessories Detail

  • Product Type - Tools > Jewelry > Magnifying > Loupe
  • Gender - Unisex
  • Base Metal & Materials - Mixed Metal, Glass, Case is Plastic
  • Condition - New
  • Size - 30x's  /  Triplet




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