Jewelry Adoption Info.

Blingschlingers Jewelry Adoption Centers preowned Vintage to Modern Jewelry from around the World consists of solid gold or sterling silver. There are Mens Womens bracelets rings chains w/ or w/out diamonds or gemstones, charms earrings necklaces brooches pins cuff links tie bars and more.

 The items you see in the photos are of the exact item you will receive. Unless, I have multiple of a New, Old Stock item (I just take a random one from group and photo it) or its actually New, and I have several of. I never use a company's stock photo or a rendered photo for my items....Ha! I would probably be better off because some of my pics just dont come out well! And my camera DOES NOT pic up pinks for some reason... so I always try to describe the color of a stone or item.. so Please, make sure to Read the descriptions. 

Preowned jewelry is found in a variety of conditions ranging from OMG, I cant sell that Lol, to WoW, that's like New & Beautiful!


Scrap or Repair Gold Jewelry    Jewelry that is not wearable I will state as non wearable scrap. Most "scrap" can be repaired and I will state if an easy fix is needed. You can get some fantastic deals with scrap, even with adding the cost of taking the repair to your local jeweler.

 Jewelry that is heavily worn, this means that the piece was someones Every Day jewelry and wore it all the time. So those pieces could use a buffing or leave as is.. as previous wearer did :)


 This is Minor wear, light scuffing between bands since they are stacking style    Light wear, minimal wear, means minor scuffing, and may still look just about new.

* Scuffing- Dont let the word Scuffed or Scuffing detour you. Most of the jewelry I inspect through a loupe and see the micro scratches / scuffing that most will not notice. If a piece is adorned w/ stones and has any type of damage I will be sure to state if a stone has damage or is a low quality stone. So when a piece has minor scuffing, that does not apply to a stone and the stone will be noted separately if any damage.


Like new, beautiful condition, make a great gift    Beautiful or like new condition, almost like new, means its pretty perfect and has not been worn much, or has been recently pro buffed.


**Be rest assured, I will state any imperfections I may see other than normal wear of a preowned item**

**I do have some costume jewelry and will always be listed as such**


Dont let my catch all statement turn you away from a fantastic deal ! 

On some of my items I have the statement, "This is a pre-owned item and has not been buffed. No noted damage to prevent normal wear. This is worn, (nicks, dings, surface scratches, etc.) and tarnish appropriate for age may apply.. All items have been properly tested for precious metal content. We do NOT test just the surface.."

The reason for this statement is to make sure everyone knows they are going to buy a preowned item, (there's a select few that don't) and yes there will be scuffs and wear. (anything beyond normal wear or has excessive wear I will point out in listing as a noted abnormality)

I acid test all items before I post them, and I do it the correct way.

 Some inexperienced testers will only test the surface of an item (mostly electronic method) you cant test just the surface because of most of the jewelry, fine or costume, has either rhodium or other plating on it, and it can be THICK. So you have to get to the real metal below, and I make sure to do that, then test it. So please feel confident that you are getting an item that is stated and I always try to test jewelry in a spot not noticeable while wearing.

Lastly, Pricing

All I have to say about that is, you will find Fantastic pricing on all the items. Any jewelry buyer will see that immediately. I have some people that ask if its "real" gold or silver (even after reading I test?) because my solid gold jewelry prices are better than the department store plated costume jewelry prices! Lol!

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