10 Silver & Gold Jewelry Polishing Pads 2x2" Foam Polishing Cloth

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Jewelry Polishing Pads 2x2" Foam Polishing Cloth

You will get 10, 2x2in Polish Pads

  • Unique easy to use pro polishing pad brings back beautiful shine and luster to your jewelry & to chemical damaged stones like opal, lapis, turquoise and more.


Describing the photos above.

Main pic shows clean unused then the other square shows portions used.

Next pic will show a portion of the earring polished by these squares, take note of the pink phone in the reflection... you can see it.

The next pic shows the same phone barely visible on the other half of earring unpolished. The surfaces are sterling and central dome is brass.

Next to last pic shows that very dark black tarnish on a sterling ring.

  • Do you have sterling pieces that have the very dark black tarnish that you cant remove by a cloth or Tarnex?😱! This jewelry polishing pad will get that off.🎉

Last pic is of a quick rub on the shank, it removes it easily w/out any harsh chemicals. 

  • These authentic USA made, 2x2" square foam Polishing Pads are good way to get that shiny luster back to your jewelry pieces. The thin foam is layered on both sides w/ a micro film of a very fine micron abrasive that removes tarnish and can also aid in blending the appearance of rhodium loss. Which is on alot of jewelry. 
  • I have also found that this works well on polished stones, like abalone, lapis, malachite, amber and other soft cabochons. It can bring back the luster to them. I dont recommend faceted stones but, if you have a faceted stone that has chemical damage on the table, you could try it. Cant hurt at that point anyways.
  • I did find this not to do well on soft enamels / plastic like enamels. You would need a grit a bit finer for that.

Using the square is pretty easy, light to moderate pressure. Any heavy pressure will compromise the fine abrasive film that is adhered to the foam then you will get the adhesive below & gum up the surface. This is a very fine micron film so once it fills and gets black from removing tarnish its pretty much done & get another piece. I always make sure to use every square inch. After using the square I recommend using a soft cloth to wipe away any micro residue. Your finger tips will get dirty & regular dish or hand soap w/ a tooth brush works well, especially if on nail tips.

As an added bonus I've noticed about these, is that if you use a clean one over your fingernails, you can bring out the luster in those too! You can go east to west on the nails but if you have ridges I would say definitely go north to south 😊. Just hold the square down on a table top and run your fingernail over it multiple times. Easy!  Ohh yeah, if you paint your nails, I would not recommend using this first because it will make the nail surface slick and the nail polish will peel off easily. Actually having etched nails will make the nail polish stick to better 😉 




* I should have made this a blog lol 😅 But, I myself always try to find "better" ways to do things. So instead of this polishing pad I did try this abrasive in the sandpaper form without the foam. Cutting the sandpaper to same size to use on a ring, I found it was harder to control, the sandpaper ended up creasing instantly, that in turn made sharp edges which lead to scratching the surface and uneven polishing....

In conclusion, I guess my opinion of these foam polishing pads still stands, I love them. 

And as far as the regular micro grit sandpaper goes, it will be used to restore the headlights on my car instead! 😬







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