90s Pink Black Friendship Bracelet Style Hoop Earrings

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A Heads Up, Only 2 Available 😲

Revisit the iconic 90s trend with Wild Fable's dazzling Pink and Black Friendship Bracelet-style Hoop Earrings! Boasting a bold and colorful design, these classic hoops will add a touch of vintage flair to your look! 

 Jewelry Detail

  • Product Type - Jewelry > Costume > Earrings > Hoop
  • Fashion Style - Women to Teen Girls
  • Materials - Mixed Metal, Woven Cloth
  • Condition - New, Overstock, Original Hang Card Shows Wear
  • Size - Approx 50 mm
  • Designer - Wild Fable

* I have 2 more pairs of these so I am using these photos to represent each pair. The only difference is the cards, each having minor spots where stickers were & is less than what shows in photos now.









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