Striking Full Moon Carnelian Stone Pendant | Sterling Silver

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $20.00
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This stunning pendant is crafted in sterling silver and features a unique round cut carnelian stone. The mottled stone is complemented by a polished bezel and a rope design trim, creating an eye-catching display. Inclusions and fissures give the effect of a fiery orange full moon, while the large bail allows for versatile chain options from ropes, cords, collars & omegas

Carnelian Stone Circle Pendant Detail

  • Type- Stone Pendant
  • Fashion Style- Mens Womens to Juniors
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, Carnelian Stone
  • Condition- New, Unused Overstock, Handcrafted, Minor Wear Due to Storing Since 2012
  • Size- 41.69mm approx




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