Gold Sterling Silver Florentine Etched Oval Bullet Back Cufflinks | Swank

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Vintage Gold Oval Bullet Back Style Cufflinks | Designer Swank

  • Vintage sterling silver cufflinks that carry a¬†sophisticated look, gold plated w/ an etched¬†florentine design surface, & a double bright cut halo on outer rim.
  • Central area could be engraved by your local jeweler if desired & secures w/ a bullet back. Ready¬†to wear on your double cuff or French cuff on a shirt or jacket


Jewelry Detail

  • Style-Mens Womens, Bullet Back Oval Face Cufflinks
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver
  • Condition- Preowned, Vintage, Normal Minor Wear But Does Have Gold Loss, Faces Display an Even Coloration of a Light Gold, But Backs Show Unevenness in Color. Since front is uniform in color it looks like its supposed to be that way, meaning no passer byer would know any different ūüôā
  • Size- 22mm x 17mm
  • Designer- Swank
  • Vintage- Approx 70s




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