BEAU - Vintage Oddities - 3D Sterling Silver Antique Hand Crank Phone Charm

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $13.00
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This eye-catching 3D sterling silver charm features an old-school telephone, worlds away from the cell phones of today! The piece is intricately detailed, with a hand crank that actually turns and scalloped edges for decorative flair. The reverse has a brushed finish, plenty of room for your local jeweler to add an engraved date or initials. This unisex style charm is perfect on a charm bracelet or on a chain necklace grabbing the attention of on lookers,  The charm is so unique its an excellent gift for any special someone that enjoys oddities!

 Accessories Detail

  • Product Type - Jewelry > Charm > Traditional > 3D
  • Gender - Men Women Juniors
  • Base Metal & Materials - Sterling Silver
  • Condition - Pre-Owned, Beautiful, Minimal Wear
  • Size - 20.2 mm approx
  • Designer - BEAU



We have definitely come a long way since one of these!





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