Handsome Sterling Silver 14k Gold Sleek Striped Design Money Clip ~ Engraveable

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This luxurious piece of craftsmanship is sure to impress! Crafted of sterling silver & a lustrous high polished rhodium finish with a classic mini-ribbed design, the 14k solid gold (not plated) ribbed sash artfully adorns the front, making this a distinguished money clip to store your funds in style!

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 Accessories Detail

  • Type- Money Clip
  • Fashion Style- Mens Womens to Juniors
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, & a Rhodium or White Gold Finish
  • Condition- PreOwned, Normal Wear w/ Minor Plating Loss which you can see has some micro pitting & when the clip flexes to put money in it, the rhodium has flaked... no surprise there! lol, it bends duh, they shouldn't have put it on there to begin with. But, it certainly does not detract from the bold sophisticated look of this piece. And its silver so no need to worry or the plating can be redone at your local jeweler for minimal cost but not needed
  • Size - 50.1 mm approx
  • Weight - a hefty 38.8g approx
  • Designer- WEH, Walter E Hayward co. 


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