Sterling Silver Heart Waterfall Chandelier Earrings 2 3/8"

Blingschlingers Jewelry

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 These sterling silver earrings have cut out hearts in a waterfall design each has its own ring it dangles from, reminds me of sequin, but the earrings sway to and fro with your movement, catching the light, they have a burnished finish, not a high polish but not satin, its an in between polish, & they dangle from a 5mm ball style stud post w/ friction back. Fun earrings w/ a noticeable length & shimmer. These are new preowned hoarded stock.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Condition: Minimal Wear Due to Storing w/ Other Earrings Over Time

Overall Length: approx 2 3/8 Inch

Width: approx 15/16th's Inch

Sorry for the bad pics, there are many colored reflections in the background

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