Jewelry Findings - 23mm Sterling Silver Flower w/ Ring on Back - Designer Shiana 2005

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3d style 5 petal flower charm finding w/ ribbed textured petals, polished center & on the back is an affixed jumpring. Use this designer flower charm to enhance something you already have or make into something new. This would be super showy as a nice sized ring charm, all you would have to do is cut the ring so you can affix it onto a ring that already has a spot for it, or cut ring off entirely and solder onto a band or make into a pendant.. so many things you can do... maybe even enamel it! Ohh myy 💕

Design- Findings 

Style- Floral, Flowers, Nature

Materials- Sterling Silver 999%

Condition- Preowned

Size- 23mm

Designer- Shiana

Vintage- 2005

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