Loose Stone Lot | Oval Cut Tigers Eye & Snowflake Obsidian Stone | for Jewelry or Craft

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $20.00
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Here you have a lot of 4 stones, these are natural, all oval cut cabochons, 3 tigers eye and one snowflake obsidian, which has a nice natural pattern, looks like micro fern fossil but its really just the cristobalite within the volcanic black glass stone... pretty neat. Would make a great focal piece or a statement of a bracelet. Obsidian measurements approx. 39.85 mm x 30 mm. & weighs in at approx. 43.55 cts. The 3 tigers eye stones could be used as a set.. not totally matching w/ pattern but size pretty close. Measuring approx 24.7 - 24.9 mm long x 18.03 - 18.3 mm. use for earrings & a ring, or pendant, solitaire bracelet & more. The 3 total approx 70.48 cttw. All have flat backs & nice luster to the stones. Catch the deal while you can πŸ˜ƒ

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