Sterling Silver Unique Slushy Snow Aventurine Stone Pendant

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $19.00
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This beautiful Sterling Silver pendant is perfect for both Men and Women, boasting a teardrop-cut aventurine stone of unique hue that resembles the enchanting hues of slushy snow with the slightest tint of green. Set in a polished step down bezel, this pendant dangles effortlessly from a large polished bail that can accommodate most wide chains or omegas - making it an ideal gift for yourself or anyone who loves natural stones or unique pieces

 Accessories Detail

  • Product type- Jewelry > Pendant
  • Gender Style- Mens Womens to Juniors
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, Aventurine Stone
  • Condition- Handcrafted, New, Overstock
  • Size- 46.8mm x 23.5mm approx


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