Stainless Steel Gauges 4mm / 6g Tapers & Plug set Rainbow Slick Design | ASTM F 138

Blingschlingers Jewelry

  • $4.00
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Only 2.45 for 2 pairs. An ear plug and taper, 4mm/6g. These are NEW and have not been worn. The photo is the exact item you will receive. Item Is ASTM F 138 implant grade stainless steel. One pair of hollow tube and one pair of tapers, stainless steel, rainbow oil slick design w/ black silicone stoppers.

I do have other sizes available unless already sold and they are also NEW. They can be found in the costume jewelry section of the shop.

Product- Jewelry / Fashion Accessories

Design- Ear Gauges

Style- Male or Female, Grunge, Tribal, Goth

Materials- ASTM F 138 stainless steel

Condition- New

Manufacturer- Unknown

Size- Longest Dimensions, Taper 35mm, Plug 9.9mm 

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