Unique Sterling Silver Brown Stone Pendant for Men or Women

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Sterling Silver Unique Brown Stone Pendant

 Handcrafted sterling silver pendant for women or men, in a bold industrial rectangle design trimmed with fine coiled wire border that surrounds a unique stone in shades of brown and hints of olive drab. This unique mixed stone is mainly a softer stone & polished to more of a satin polish and the harder stone inclusions polished to a high polish, creating a unique sheen. 


Jewelry Detail

  • Style- Womens Mens / Gender neutral
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, Natural Stone
  • Condition- Handcrafted, New Unworn Overstock, Minimal Wear Due to Storing
  • Size- 51.1mm x 30.8mm approx
  • Weight- 17.3g approx
  • Origin- India
  • Vintage- Approx 2013









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