Digital Scale 1000g Pocket Scale - Use for Jewelry, Herbs, Spices, Supplements, Botanicals

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1000g Mini Digital Pocket Scale

  • The Pro Mini Pocket Scale is a handy thing to have. Weighs in 7 different units and the scales capacity is up to 1000 grams of weight, graduation of 0.1g. & a tare feature
  • This scale is similar to the AWS brand I used for years, it was time for me to get another and I found this Professional-Mini for you & me! 🥰
  • Weigh jewelry or use for herbs, spices, supplements or botanicals, some mailing items & more!

Item Details

  • Style- Digital Pocket Scale / Mini Scale
  • Size- 5x3 inch approx.
  • Weight Units- up to 1000 Grams, in Gram, Ounce, Grain, Tael?, Troy Ounce, Carat, & Pennyweight
  • Color- Silver
  • Condition- New Unused Overstock, I only open to test before I ship them out. Removeable Plastic Film On Scale Platform & On Control / Display Area
  • Batteries- NOT INCLUDED, Requires 2 AAA
  • Directions are conveniently located on inner lid

*Tip: If not using frequently, remove batteries... that goes for any electronics. A side note : As a parent, please check your children's electronic toy batteries because they can leak acids, especially if they have not played with them in awhile



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