Silver Swinging Style Reflective Hammered Drop Earrings

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $3.00
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A gorgeous pair of modern design earrings with a shimmering silver finish that reflects the graceful curves of its hammered design. With each of your steps they swing to and fro glinting radiant shine, and secure by a stud post and disc backings. These eye-catching pieces are perfect for making any look - be it professional or playful - they really pop with a touch of sophisticated style

 Accessories Detail

  • Product Type - Jewelry > Costume Jewelry > Earrings > Drop
  • Gender - Women
  • Base Metal & Materials - Mixed Metals
  • Condition - New, Overstock. Despite my poor quality photos & off color reflections, these will arrive to you clean shiny & ready to wear
  • Size - 41 mm
  • Weight - 16.2 g approx






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