Leave it to Beavers - Sterling Silver Canada Beaver Medallion Style Charm

Blingschlingers Jewelry

  • $7.25
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Gloriously crafted in sterling silver, this vintage unisex medallion style charm showcases majestic Canada through polished cut-out filigree letters and a stunning representation of the beloved Canadian beaver with textured fur. Add this versatile piece to a charm bracelet or necklace and proudly support your love of Canada, its wildlife, or a special moment spent in the resplendent country.

 Jewelry Details

  • Product Type - Jewelry > Fine > Silver > Charm > Pendant
  • Fashion Style - Mens, Womens, Teen
  • Base Metal and Materials - Sterling Silver
  • Condition - Preowned, Light Wear 
  • Size - 24 mm x 20.5 mm
  • Designer - Mavo
  • Vintage - Approx. Early 80s





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