Jasper Stone Pendant w/ Copper Goldstone - Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver Pendant Unique Design w/ Red Jasper Stone & Copper Goldstone

A unique display of oval cut stone, w/ reddish brown jasper & the well known sparkly Monks stone the copper colored Goldstone. This design can be worn by a man or woman, on ropes, chain, collars, ribbon, leather to even on a stainless steel chain.



Jewelry Detail

  • Style- Mens Womens, Pendant w/ Stone
  • Materials- Sterling Silver, Jasper, Goldstone
  • Condition- Handcrafted, New Unused Overstock w/ Minimal to Minor Wear Due to Storing
  • Size- 43mm x 20mm approx
  • Weight- approx 8.9g
  • Origin- India
  • Vintage- Approx 2010








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