Perfectly Imperfect | 14k Gold Sterling Silver Petite White Cz Open Heart Pendant

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

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 This petite sized sterling silver heart pendant is layered in 14k yellow gold, displaying a half halo open heart design with shimmery white cubic zirconia stones & a stationary bale 

So why is this beautiful heart in the "imperfect" section, you ask? Well it is because it passed the manufacturing process without seeing the surface imperfection, which includes mini dings along the polished side. When these are casted, they are first a wax form. So the wax had depressions in it or the casting had been compromised in some way... it happens. The pendant is nicely crafted and is also not hollow construction

That means you get an even better deal 🤩 

 Accessories Detail

  • Type- Stone Pendant
  • Fashion Style- Womens to Jewelry wearing age girls
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold Layering, Cubic Zirconia Stone
  • Condition- PreOwned Estate, Normal Minor Wear, No Noted Gold Loss, Manufacturing Surface Defect. Which is not that noticeable when worn, especially if you dont know its there because the heart has contours & light is reflecting off of it
  • Size- 19.9mm x 14.4mm

 Sorry for the poor quality photos, they have a greenish hue, my camera not the best



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