Stylish Floating Circle Cut-out Design Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

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  Crafted from Sterling Silver, these unique Circle Cutout Design Dangle Earrings feature a natural wood "stone" inlay against a reflective high polished setting for a stylish, distinctive look. Perfect for dressing up casual outfits or adding the final touch to professional attire. Pisst...and oh yeah, if you are superstitious, these earrings also provide a convenient way to knock on wood! 😉

 Jewelry Detail

  • Product Type - Jewelry > Fine > Earrings > Dangle
  • Fashion Style - Women's to Junior Girls
  • Base Metal and Materials - Sterling Silver, Mix of Natural Hard & Soft Wood Inlay
  • Condition - New, Overstock, Normal Minor Storage Wear
  • Size - 31.7 mm x 15.5 mm approx
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     Despite my poor quality photos, and off color background reflections, these earrings are silver & shiny. My camera does not do well with reflections. Sorry





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