A Symmetrical Sterling Silver Khaki Brown Agate Stone Pendant

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Sterling Silver Pendant

  • neat & unique a symmetrical style sterling silver pendant with a khaki brown / gray agate stone, embellished with a swirled rope design.

Jewelry Detail

  • Fashion Style- Men's Women's, to teen, Streetwear, Casual Wear, Beach Wear, Rocker Chic Style, Egirl, to trendy Scene Style & More
  • Base Metal & Materials- 925 Sterling Silver, Natural Agate Stone
  • Condition- Handcrafted in India, New Unworn Overstock w/ Normal Minimal Storage Wear
  • Size- 1 5/8in x 13/16in
  • Origin- India
  • Vintage- 2012 approx





  • This stone has khaki brown inclusions that match the jeans above, and the field of stone is of a khaki gray brown a bit lighter shade than below (my camera not the best) As an example, sliding this onto a silver collar or necklace, this unique pendant would complete the woman's fashion style above nicely for a more finished casual look. 












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