Sterling Silver Edgy Oval Red Jasper Stone Pendant

Blingschlingers Jewelry USA

  • $20.00
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Red Jasper, boldly displayed here in this handcrafted sterling silver pendant, with the oval jasper stone's unique old world brick red color with natural matrix & decorated in an edgy style setting

Enjoy accessorizing in fine jewelry for less at Blingschlingers. This unique focal point pendant will come to you clean tarnish free & ready to wear

Accessories Detail

  • Type- Stone Pendant
  • Fashion Style- Mens Womens to Juniors | Gender Neutral
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver, Red Jasper
  • Condition- New, Handcrafted, Minor Wear or Silver Due to Storing for Years
  • Size- 42.76mm
  • Vintage- approx 2012

I apologize for the poor quality photos (I did improve since these photos) & off color reflections on the silver. Among other things, I also do the photos myself to keep all of the jewelry at Blingschlingers at the lowest price possible



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