Sterling Silver Wide Cigar Band Style Ring 6.25

Blingschlingers Jewelry

  • $23.00
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Wide Cigar Band Style Ring

  • Unique sterling silver ring, with its hashmark design ( now, these hashmarks are not to represent how many people you slept with😉🤣 )   and organic flowing center create this impressive 12.5mm wide band. Smooth fit on the finger & sturdy construction. This is an any time, anywhere casual ring.

Jewelry Detail

  • Fashion Style - Mens Womens
  • Base Metal & Materials- Sterling Silver
  • Condition - PreOwned Estate, Minimal Wear w/ No Noted Damage
  • Size -  This ring measures between 6 and 6.25, remember with wider bands you want slightly larger than your normal band size.. I wear a 6 and this is comfortable for me








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