Vintage Heart Pendant 14k White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Gemstone

Blingschlingers Jewelry

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Vintage dainty pendant w/ a central heart cut light pale blue aquamarine gemstone flanked by a small round cut diamond on each side, & a rabbit ear bail that can host most fine chains. Now, this stone does have an issue on the left side near prong there is scratching or looks like someone hit it a few times with a burr. Not noticeable when worn, but you can see w/ a loupe. I tried to get a good pic up close. This is a nice stone and if you wanted to you could have the facets resurfaced by your local jeweler if they offer lapidary work. This piece looks to have been either a birthstone or an engagement ring at one time and they altered it into a pendant.

Product- Jewelry / Fine Fashion Accessories

Materials- 14k White Gold, Aquamarine Gemstone ( Not a Topaz ) , Diamonds

Design- Handcrafted, Pendant

Style- Womens, Traditional, Birthstone, Anniversary, Wedding

Condition- Preowned, details stated above

Size- 13mm x10.5mm

Circa- Approx 50's

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