Vintage 14k White Gold Aquamarine Diamond Pendant

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Vintage 14k White Gold Aquamarine Diamond Pendant


Vintage 14k white gold pendant, dainty in size with a central heart cut light pale blue aquamarine gemstone flanked by small round cut diamond on each side & a rabbit ear bail that will display beautifully on most fine chains

Jewelry Details

  • Type- Charms & Pendants
  • Base Metal & Materials- 14k White Gold, Aquamarine Gemstone ( Not a Topaz ) Diamonds
  • Fashion Style- Womens to Juniors
  • Condition- Vintage, Estate, Now, this stone does have an issue on the left side near prong there is scratching or looks like someone hit it with a burr. Not noticeable when worn, but you can see w/ a loupe. I tried to get a good pic up close. This is a nice stone and if you wanted to you could have the facets resurfaced by your local jeweler if desired but not necessary. This piece looks to have been either a birthstone or an engagement ring at one time and they altered it into a pendant, common for adored sentimental pieces
  • Size- 13mm x10.5mm
  • Circa- Approx 40s - 50's
  • Birthstone Chart - Birthstone for March is Aquamarine

Sorry for the golden hue in pics, it is from the background





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